Bluetooth Access Management
and Beacon/Device Identification


Introducing our cutting-edge app that utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) traffic data analysis to develop a reliable device access management method for your environment. Our app's innovative approach can accurately identify the type of device accessing your network, providing enhanced security and peace of mind.

Airtag, Tile, Pebblebee, Eufy, Chipolo, etc.

Uncovering Tracking Device Locations

Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing the exact location of all tracking devices in your environment, thanks to our advanced tracking detection system.

Visualize, Detect, Alert, Block

Elevate defenses, validate proficiency.

Safeguard your organization against the most sophisticated threats with our advanced Bluetooth monitoring technology, providing real-time monitoring and analysis of even the most hidden waves of Bluetooth traffic. Trust in our solution to keep you ahead of the curve and protected at all times.

Location Awareness

Ping, Ping, Beep!

"Eliminate uncertainty and take charge of your environment with our advanced Location Awareness, providing a crystal-clear visualization of all tracking devices and their movements.

We're putting the finishing touches on something truly remarkable, and trust us when we say -'s worth the wait !

Don't wait for our official launch - sign up for our beta release now and be one of the privileged few to experience our game-changing product.

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